Extraordinary Ways to tell Dad He’s So Special This Year!

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Dad’s Day is on its way. And it is a great time to be with your dad and express your care. There might have been times when things seemed to go haywire, but dad stood by you. He patted your back to take a stand for yourself.  Times can be tricky, and the world may also put us to the test, but just the thought of your father being present sometimes acts as the biggest boost to inner strength.

Sons will typically always find solace in a mother’s love and support; a daughter will discover her power and abilities-courtesy her doting dad! It can be a role reversal at times. Faced with their own limitations at times and struggling to give their best, our parents inspire us through thick and thin in all their capacities! They’ve given us an insight into delving into precious life experiences and showed us how to take life one step at a time.

So, when it’s Dad’s Day, take a little chance to show him what a difference he has made simply by being there. Maybe, it’s not only Father’s Day when you should cheer him up, take other times as well, and keep a connection.

It’s worth the while to most of us in our lives if we take out time to spend together as relations. Our father often dressed up in his signature brown men’s leather jacket and took us on outings to our favorite spots in the city. We enjoyed casual strolls by the beach, and those are the moments that never faded in the sands of time till now.

Some Ideas to Spend Quality Time Together

There are some things so meaningful and uplifting that a daughter and her dad can do together. Let me write some of them here.

Go boating or fishing: Admittedly, fishing and boating have been my dad’s favorite pastimes. And he often took my siblings and me on vacation on the waters. We all know how much he loves these two activities. So, we’re booking a boating spree for my dad in the Lake of Woods, Minnesota (to make it extra special this year!). If your dad loves this too, book your nearest boating and fishing resort for him in the coming season. He will love it so much as you will. A family event awesomely planned! How about buying a new pair of anglers for dad?

Scavenger hunts: If your dad loves to play games, never let him think he is too old to play.  Go for scavenger games and take him on a ride of mystery and history. Using free printables will help you to walk around the neighborhood. Scavenger hunts mainly occur around the city, so they will be pretty fun and easy to go for with whole family involvement.

Golf time: Golf is favorite with most of our dads. If your father loves it too, go ahead to reserve a tee for him at his favorite ground. You can also buy him a kit of golf game-enhancing devices from Amazon. If you are together playing golf, make a point to include young little buddies in your home or your other friends who’ll love to hang around both of you. Playing with different aspects of age, you will see a rich game.

Dress him like a dude: Gift dad a classic men’s leather jacket with fur collar. It’s an excellent investment that will stay with him for a lifetime. Every time he sports on that cozy, furry, comfortable, and protective leather jacket, he knows an angel cares for him. This will take him on, year after year, and give him fond memories to cherish. It will be so handy to put on in the harsh winters of the holiday season when the only thing we all want to do is celebrate without restrictions that snow and chilly weather try to place on us.

Spa day: Well, we thought, spas are for only the mothers. Well, here’s a  bite. When your dad has been doting you like a mom, he deserves and must get his special due care with the spa. And what do you do to get him a luxurious shave kit? If he prefers to be bearded, get a beard scent oil. Believe me; it’s worth it! Close the spa day serving him his favorite cappuccino in a  newly bought customized stainless steel durable coffee mug with lid.

Make an effort to prime his health: A cozy and supportive pillow, a Fitbit, a pair of everyday boots that make it comfortable to get a brisk walk each day are things that dad needs. Design a tailored diet for diet and suggest a couple of exercises or stretches he should do each day. If you’re a fitness freak who practices yoga, you’ll be more interested in doing this than dad! Include mom in the endeavor. Plan an exercise or yoga session together. But, make sure you go easy.  Having fun together is most important.

An Amazon Prime subscription: If your dad loves watching favorite shows on Netflix or simply loves movies and likes to shop for necessities for mom and other family members online, an Amazon Prime subscription will be a pleasant surprise for him.

Yes, you always are the lady prime in your father’s world who deserves all the most beautiful gifts, but once in a while, it’s good to fasten your seatbelt and show your solid and protective persona to the ones you love. Your father is worth the investment of time, pure love, and care.



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