Also known as micro or nano, pint-size handbags are Compact, lightweight and easy to tote. These downsized bags mean you have more versatility in outfit styling and affordability to rock the designers you love. You can always fold in some cash and a credit card, in fact that’s really all you need. These babies are almost like jewels at this point plus they come in sweet little shapes. They are winners all round

In fact, The smaller the bag, the greater the impact, also these tiny satchels seem to function as unexpected power statements, suggesting that the wearer is too proud, too rich or far too influential to carry anything larger than a cigarette pack. There’s a growing market for small purses and cross-body bags and they are driving force within the accessories market.”

safely…..It Lets You Try Bold Colors…
Scared to go red in a larger, more committal fashion? A smaller version allows you to sample interesting hues in a more manageable format.

It Allows for More Options and Mash-ups

It can add a quick pop of color

often comes in easy sizes and shapes

Playing with two colors on bags can be tricky, but with a mini you can easily color-block without it taking center stage.


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