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Ghana Trends & Style Tips 

Despite whether mainstream will acknowledge it or not, print is trending, has been for the past 4years of more and it still is. However, with so much variation with designs and designers it can sometimes get confusing if you are wearing a beautiful dress or not.

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As the saying goes “to each her own style” but we are hear to lend some tips in advance to unease any style confusion.

1/ Make sure all Prints with bold big centralized designs are also centered to the bodice of the dress.

2/ Sometimes when you wish to used one print color only, thats fine but you do not have to use the exact fabric, you can achieve more by doing so using a different version of the same print but smaller designs or and slight change in pattern.

3/ Mix matching various prints are beautiful, but try to ensure both the alternating prints speak to each other slightly by holding a touch of the other fabrics main color in it.

4/ Know your pattern direction. Either work horizontally or vertically. Only work diagonally if its a design that is styled that way. Most times tailors will do such edits because their remaining fabric has been cut out from previous jobs and they are too lazy or stingy to buy new fabrics, leaving them to create your dress with the patterns in all sorts of angles.

5/ When merging prints with plain fabrics, ensure the pattern of the print reflects in the design of the plain fabric, if not by color, by style or design.


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