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In African terms, Ghana is something of a gambling paradise. The topic of gambling is a fiercely controversial one across the African continent, with outright bands and heavy penalties for anybody caught participating in the activity in some nations. Ghana, however, takes a more relaxed view. In contrast to many of the countries around it, Ghana has a plethora of casinos and even allows citizens to gamble from home at online slots websites. That means whether you’re a resident or a visitor from elsewhere, it’s a great place to be if you enjoy the occasional flutter.

Even if you usually do your gambling online, there’s still a lot to be said for visiting a real casino occasionally. We have nothing against the many successful online slots websites and casinos that operate in and around Ghana – they’re a lot of slot games to play – but going to a casino for real is still a ‘big night out,’ and makes a change from the usual ‘dinner and a movie’ that people consider for dates. The question of what to wear for such a date, though, isn’t as easy to answer as it was a few years ago. The arrival of online slots websites has changed the way that casino operators think about their premises, and they no longer employ dress codes that are strict enough to persuade people to stay at home and use the online slots websites instead. If tops and tails and ballroom gowns are out, though, what’s in?

We’d be happy to answer that question for you with this handy, self-contained ‘what to wear at a casino’ guide for 2020!

Stick To Smart Footwear

Things may have become more relaxed than they used to be, but there’s still no excuse for turning up at the door to a glitzy casino in your sneakers. Even though some sneaker brands cost hundreds of dollars per pair these days, they’re still not considered to be formal wear. No matter how sharp the rest of your outfit is, you’re still likely to be turned away if you rock up to a casino with sneakers on. Stick to dress shoes for men and ‘smart’ shoes for women. We’re not saying that women absolutely have to wear heels, but consider the type of footwear that you’d wear to an upmarket restaurant, and use that as a guide. Do not, under any circumstances, consider wearing flip-flops!

Dress For The Time Of Day

The majority of upmarket casinos have different rules governing what people are expected to wear during daylight and darkness hours. Some of the more formal casinos might still insist on suits, dresses, or even tuxedos, but only in the evening. You might get away with a casual shirt and jeans during the daytime, or blouses, or semi-formal tops for women, but aim to dress a little smarter if you’re headed to the casino for a night out. Even with the casual approach, there are limits. Don’t wear shorts. Don’t wear t-shirts. Even in this new age of accessible dressing for casinos, there are limits, and shorts and t-shirts exist outside of those limits.

Embrace The Semi-Formal Style

Most of the advice that we’re giving to you here is based on the semi-formal style, but not everyone fully understands what semi-formal is. Not all venues do either, which makes matters even more confusing! There are a few basic rules of semi-formal dressing that will help you to get to grips with the conundrum, though. There are even comprehensive ‘how to dress for a semi-formal occasion’ guides available online, although they’re generally targeted more at men than women. Allow us to break the advice down for you – and to include women in the conversation, too!

For men, dressing semi-formally is all about casual suits or shirts and pants, without the need for a tie. Dark jeans are sometimes acceptable, but it may be better to avoid the risk of rejection by going with casual trousers. Khakis are generally fine. Even if you’re not wearing a tie, you’ll still want to wear a shirt with a collar and buttons.

For women, most of the advice that applies to men also applies to you. If you’d rather wear a dress than pants, though, you’ll be okay with a shorter cocktail dress – there’s no reason to wear anything floor-length unless you particularly want to. You can also pair a skirt with a blouse or a shirt, but as per the advice for men, you should select something that has a collar. Flats or heels will work as shoes – avoid strappy sandals as there’s no guarantee they’ll be deemed acceptable by the venue when you arrive there.

If In Doubt

The majority of casinos that still insist on a dress code will publish details of that dress code on their website. If you can’t see anything there, you should assume that they’ll be expecting the semi-formal style, and dress accordingly. If they insist on a black or white tie style dress, they should include a list of what is and isn’t acceptable on their website. For total peace of mind, telephone the venue and confirm whether you need to make a booking and ask them about the dress code while you have them on the phone.

Also take into account other facilities that might exist at the venue. In 2020, the most upmarket casinos in Ghana are not just casinos. Some of them are also high-end restaurant or performance spaces, and they might have tighter restrictions on dress code in their other facilities than they do on their casino floors. Nobody wants to be denied access to a restaurant after they’ve just had a big win on the casino floor, so don’t dress in a way that could allow that to happen.

It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, and if you use that as a principle, you’ll rarely be disappointed. More than any of this, though, dress in a way that doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable. You’re there to let loose and have fun, and you won’t be able to do that if you feel too uptight. A night out at the casino is all about getting lucky and letting your hair down – so dress to suit the tone!



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