Can you believe it? Can you believe that in today young black girls are still being denied education because their hair is natural? It goes much deeper, in today’s world we have social media to really bring it to the forefront and maybe, just maybe when a popular media like Fusion, or FashionGHANA.com publishes it people in the world will get the opportunity to know.


Outside of that it remains silent. Now imagine something else,

Imagine the number of girls that didn’t have the power, the voice or the money behind them to battle schools and jobs that force them to wear their hair straight, and so in order to be educated or survive they just accepted to straighten their hair, only for some black men to eventually criticize them on why they want to look like white women.

Imagine how long this contradiction has existed in the lives of black women living abroad or in countries where racists are in positions of power. How can an African government even allow this to exist? On behalf of Ghanaians where are girls are actually made to wear their hair natural during high school we congratulate these amazing beautiful young girls for standing up to the evil adults of Pretoria Girls High School.

We ask all of you to support and sign this electronic petition https://awethu.amandla.mobi/petitions/stop-racism-at-pretoria-girls-high. And if you know a school or a business that discriminates and forces students or employees to straighten their hair where it’s not related to any safety purposes, do email us.

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