Hair Cuts for Men that are Never Out Of Fashion


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Most women will tell you that your footwear is the first thing that attracts them in a man. However, this is not entirely true since hairstyles make our eyes fixed to them too. Every morning, we wake up wanting a stylish haircut that makes us the talk of the town. That makes us eye our celebrities, and it might even prompt us to copy their styles. Nevertheless, you need to remember that not every hairstyle will work for you. All you need to do is get a classic cut that never grows out of fashion since its inception.

In this article, we have listed several haircuts that we feel will excite you. This is because they are not overrated as some may think. In case you like either of them, the most recommendable thing to do is carry a picture of your style to your barber as a point of reference.

  1. Side Swept

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This is an old haircut that has been a favorite of the old chaps for ages now. Over time, this notion has changed as youngsters have also begun to adopt it. Take an example of people like Justine Timberlake and Zac Efron. From their side-swept style, it is crystal clear that this is not ending any time soon. All is required of you is to brush your hair to one side and then part it. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 50. As long as you have a full head, nobody should stop you from this.

  1. Combed back

This is a simple style for men with long locks. It is even more recommendable to people who hate the hair feel on their faces. The style also works entirely well on individuals who have long hair shaved in layers. The best way to wear this is by leaving more hair at the top for you to give it more styles and finishes through styling products such as styling gels.

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  1. Buzzcut

This is a style that has been in the market for over two centuries now. Some of the celebrities who have worn the style throughout their careers are Will Smith and Jay-Z. The best thing about this style is that it works perfectly well for every male regardless of their hair texture or color. You can achieve this look very easily. All you need to do is grab yourself a pair of electric razors and hair trimmers and shave the sides to them very short and shape it on top.

If you are confident enough in front of your mirror, this style will be very easy to make. It is especially useful if you have little time to maintain it. In addition to this, it will define your face giving you a perfect look!

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  1. The French crop

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This is a hairstyle that works well on most of the faces’ shapes. It works perfectly well for people who want to look thinner on top. Due to its easiness to style, it is a darling to most of the people who visit the gym or swimming pool regularly. It is effortless to style since all you need is a little hairspray. You don’t need to style it since the French crop is a style in itself. For upkeep, ensure that you visit the barber shop once in every two or three weeks for a good trim.

  1. The shaped afro

Figure 6;

The most crucial part of this style is deciding on the degree to which you want your afro shape to reach. This means that you should get yourself a professional who knows what he is doing. In addition to this, make sure you have an afro hair type. Not all textures are fit for this style.

The first step in choosing your style is discovering your hair texture. After that, get your event in place and find what suits you best for your face. Try something new this time!


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