How High Can A Progressive Bingo Jackpot Be?

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Bingo is the undisputed king of games in the UK. Other games of chance, for example, slots might be more popular in the present day. However, people in the UK have enjoyed bingo for 80+ years. It is not only a game but also a social occasion!

Throughout its rich history, bingo has become national treasure to Brits. Players gather to converse, laugh and joke around as well as make new connections with people that share the love of the game. What once started in bingo halls, today is available online through one of the many online bingo providers – click here now.

Some players prefer the classic land-based game in the spacious and welcoming bingo halls. However, many bingo fans have made a permanent switch to the online platform which boasts several advantages. By playing bingo online, you can do it without leaving your house. What is more, you will have a wider choice of bingo games as opposed to the classic 90 Ball game that is played in bingo halls. Finally, online bingo comes with some gargantuan prizes, the likes of which aren’t offered in any bingo hall!

This article is dedicated to bingo progressive jackpots. How much money are we talking when we say progressive jackpot? Find out below! 

Life-changing wins 

Progressive jackpots are prizes that increase with time until they are won. They can grow into incredible heights within relatively short periods of time! Progressive jackpots have a life cycle: 

  1. A progressive jackpot starts at its base value which is a fixed amount of money. This base value is funded by the bingo provider. 
  1. A small percentage (0.5% – 5%) of each bet placed in the game goes towards the progressive jackpot. In bingo, ticket sales build the jackpot. Therefore, the progressive jackpot will be mostly made up of players’ bets. 
  1. The progressive jackpot increases in size until it is won. Some jackpots have a “Win By” value and are guaranteed to be won before they reach that threshold. Other jackpots will increase without any limitations until they are randomly won. 
  1. The jackpot is reduced to its base value and starts increasing again. 

Biggest ever bingo jackpot wins 

Most commonly found progressive bingo jackpots are in the range of £1000 – £50000. The size of these prizes varies greatly from game to game and between bingo providers. However, there are plenty of games that offer towering progressive jackpots. To find out just how large the progressive bingo jackpots can be, let’s look at some of the biggest past winners.  

  • Lisa Potter was 33 years old when she won a progressive jackpot worth £1.3 million after wagering £5 in an online bingo game. Since then she has lived her life to the fullest, went on holidays and bought a new house. 
  • Anita Campbell is perhaps the luckiest bingo player in the world. Within hours of opening her online bingo account, she bagged a jackpot worth over £0.5 million. Still in shock, she kept playing and won another prize worth £0.5 million just 10 days later! 
  • John Orchard holds the record for the highest bingo jackpot win. He became £5.9 million richer thanks to a progressive jackpot win! Mr. Orchard was fast to turn his life around: he quit his job in a factory, bought a new family home, a new car, enjoyed holidays and lives in happy retirement.

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