How To Perfectly Mix And Match Your African Print Outfits For An Awesome Look


Matching two colourful African print outfits is not something many people have figured out how to do perfectly, but colourful mixed prints can give you that slay look when matched right.

Yes it will call for attention but the right kind of attention that is looking to admire. And ones you figure it out, you will add it to your favorite matching looks.

So if you’ve been wondering how to match those colourful prints you love and not look awkward, then here are few ideas to consider

  1. Consider the colours before you match. E.g. If you have a blue themed Ankara print, think about the colours that can match blue. Colours like grey, yellow, red.

2. Patterns can be quite confusing so deal with the basics. Things like a big floral patterns would match with small floral patterns.

3. Let your desired style be simple and chic: It would be better to sew a two-piece with different Ankara print than trying to “patch” a dress with another print (it could work but it may not turn out well).

Take a look at how some women are slaying it right in their mixed prints for some inspiration.



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