Loza Maleombho Presents Her Spring Summer 2016 Collection ‘ZAOULI’


Inspired mainly by Guro culture, the latest collection by designer Loza Maleombho projects Zaouli: which means the face of it people. Loza known for her eclectic style and artistic touch, she offers ultra-feminine cuts made in burlap, cotton batik and kente cloth.


This collection is inspired by Lou Djela Zaouli, a gouro princess known for her legendary beauty and grace.

Moved to Ivory Coast in 2012 after studying in the US, Loza took on the task of redefining the “made in Africa” and to have a real social and economic impact particularly on empowering the woman. She also works with women from unfavorable environments for the production of her products especially with locals.

Model: Amenan Tanoh
Photo: Daniel Sery
Source: FallInMode.com

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