Mr Ugly Goes International, Get Ready For Mr Ugly Africa To Include Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa And More


For those who don’t know Mr Ugly is a competition that has been active in Zimbabwe for a few years now. The event caught the attention of international media this year when a runners up, William Masvinu (picture below) was very disappointed that his successor Mr Mison Sere, the winner (pictured above), took the title.


William Masvinu
William Masvinu

William Masvinu’s disgruntle for not winning was that the winner, Mr Ugly 2015, only won on the basis that he had no teeth. His claim was having no teeth doesn’t make you ugly and that Mison Sere was handsome, and lastly, he was the ugliest man ever. This humorous claims on video caught the viral status on the internet bringing the ugly pageant to light internationally and now the setting for Mr Ugly Africa begins.

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Preparations for the inaugural Mr Ugly Africa have gathered momentum with organisers confirming that the pageant will take place at Sandton Convention Centre in South Africa next year. This comes after organisers of Mr Ugly Zimbabwe visited their partners in South Africa to lay foundation for the inaugural pageant. The team comprised David “Apama” Nyachowe the founder, secretary Abigail Mataranyika, event organizers Givemore Farmboy Sambana and Polite Mlilo.

In an interview with this publication Apama said the preliminary discussions were successful. “It will be happening at Sandton Convention Centre where Miss World 2008 took place. There will be more negotiations with network companies across Africa to partner us during these events, Mr Ugly Africa and World,” he said

“We found a venue but negotiations are still under way and sponsors have managed to raise $50 000 so far and further negotiations are still underway for more sponsors to come in. “We are also in talks up negotiation with Power FM South Africa to be our official radio station for marketing these events. We also have SABC stations to partner with us as we have proposed,”

“In January we will be travelling to Uganda to see their ‘ugliest’ man as part of our world tour, and then to Nigeria before travelling to other continents in preparation of Mr Ugly World in 2017,” Mataranyika said.

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