Kamsi Tcharles formally releases the Look Book for his SS16 Collection called ‘’Okpara’’ – (The First Son). In the South Eastern part of Nigeria from where the name is derived, an Okpara means so many things to the man. The first son is known to represent the father, no matter his age. The Collection which also debuts the fashion brand’s retail line ‘‘Thread Marks by Kamsi Tcharles’’ speaks of royalty, influence and leadership.


It gives the conventional menswear an interesting twist which makes it easy to transform from a casual look to a more formal look, fitting into a wider range of personalities and occasions. The Okpara collection is jazzed up with accessories to give it an attitude! Consequently, the collection gives stylish men with diverse personalities more choices!

Through this collection, Kamsi Tcharles erodes the norm that menswear have to be uninteresting, ‘safe’ and boring! Okpara is an eloquent capture, and a tasteful presentation of the male form, utilizing intriguing cuts, interesting colours, and flirtatious curves, which ultimately boost the confidence and prestige of the wearer.

Models: Richard Agbash Omere, Tosan Dudun
Agency: Xa!
International Designs & Accessories:Kamsi Tcharles
Photography: Jographics

Nigeria Look Books


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