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Nigeria Model Stories 

The ISIS Models agency founder remains ever motivated in her pursuit to propel Nigeria to fashion prosperity, armed with her pack of top models that will serve as the faces of it. But more than that, she has had it up to her neck with the consistent abuse of African models.

Most models in Africa strive to get the opportunity to model abroad, however many of them are prepared to short change themselves as they are usually satisfied with any promise granted to them by foreign agencies, usually due to the limitations of the pay received in their home countries. This allows a number of unprofessional or opportunist agencies to take advantage of the models.

One African agent Joan Okorodudu who has not allowed this to happened and has sent her models around the world working for international brands is about to change the game. The founder of ISIS models will no longer be placing her fresh faces with UK agencies, instead she is opening a brand in London herself. Creating a genuine path way for African models to be treated appropriately in the UK.

Her models are taking the ever rising African fashion industry by storm, and she has made it her mission to put her native Nigeria on the international fashion map. “We may not become a fashion capital like Milan or Paris, but if Africans take the time to sit down for a minute, we can make a New York out of the Nigerian fashion industry, as there are flourishing companies based here worth billions,” she says in our interview. She, the 61-year-old model agency owner, designer and Boston University alumnus, Joan Okorodudu.

The ever-growing modeling agency will be launching officially in London come January 2020.


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