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South Africa Culture 

Unlike in Ghana Xhosa brides do have have a traditional wedding and then go after a white wedding to officially be married, yes Ghana, it is possible to respect your culture enough that your cultural marriage is your official marriage, and that’s what the beautiful Xhosa ladies are doing and killing it as well.

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The Xhosa bridal fashion is usually one of monochrome designs with fabric embellished with beads and in some cases striped designs. At time edited with a more modern look or embracing other South African cultures such as the zulu beads and more.

Xhosa bridal marriages are not always acknowledged on social media pages that highlight African weddings. Maybe because they do not fit into the norm of style, but here at FashionGHANA, we see images everyday we wish to post, so this articles is a big relief to share this beauty with you. Enjoy!


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