See The Five Tech Trends Shaping The Beauty Industry

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Beauty brands are going all out to keep their customers occupied in the fiercely competitive market. They use everything ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to augmented reality (AR) to soothe their customers. Keeping customers satisfied is quite an easy feat for betway judging from the number of players who take part in the betgames they offer.

Things has changed in the beauty industry because companies are now striving to be the better beauty tech company.

Some of the tech trends that are blowing up the industry include:

1. Personalisation and AI

A large number of women complain about not being able to find the right shade of foundation for their face while those with darker skin tone are seeking for not choice.

But their needs can’t all be met because it’s impractical to put thousands of shades on top shelves. L’Oreal subsidiary Lancome has brought an idea of using a custom-made foundation machine called Le Teint Partivulier to find the perfect match for the skin using AI.

The Lancome consultants will first check out your facial skin tone using a handheld digital scanner. The results are then fed into the computer to find from 20,000 different shades using proprietary algorithm.

The computer’s findings are sent to a machine that makes a foundation mixture for you in the shop.

2. Virtual ‘try on’ apps

As you keep shopping online beauty brands, they keep enhancing the experience using augmented reality (AR).

The digital overlays are becoming more accurate with improvements in image recognition and face taking technology. The app, Sephora’s Virtual Artist let’s it’s customers virtually try thousands of lipstick and eyeshadow shades through their smart phones. It works by measuring where your lips and eyes quickly, then tracking the facial future points to correctly place the cosmetics.

3. Mart skincare tools

The HiMirror is a smart mirror made by Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group that rates your skin.

It captures your face photo every time you log in and scans it for blemishes, wrinkles, pores, red spots, fine lines and brightness levels.

It rates the result from “good” to “poor” and sends you personalised tips and recommends products for you. However, some experts warn that negative results can lower people’s self esteem.

4. Printed make up

It is possible to start seeing robots putting on our make-up for us.

Procter and Gamble created the Opté wand to do just that. The wand scans the skin and applies little about if make-up to hide age spots, burst blood vessels and many other blemishes. It has a tiny built-in camera which takes up to 200 frames per second. The microprocessor then analyses the data to differentiate between dark and light areas after which, a micro printer applies the foundation to your skin.

5. 3D or ‘e-make-up’

This latest beauty tech trends does not really involve wearing real cosmetics. It’s just an app like the betway app. It was made because of the craze for AR filters on Snapchat and Instagram. It allows you to download outlandish make-up looks to improve your digital self.

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