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Ghana Tends & Style Tips

They are out there, but not there yet, but will get much further if only they understood their ability, and they will understand, and when they do we will see them on the front rows of some of the biggest fashion shows in the world.

It may seem like a far fetched prediction but they have what it takes, the right figure to fit into all standard designer prototype clothes, the beautiful smiles, sexy appeal, their ability to rock outfits beautifully, and more over they are twins. Their potential is beyond their current status, and they have been published lots on So once again, we shed light on the beautiful WW Twins.

7. Chic In Maxi Slit Skirts

6. sexy In Print Shorts

5. Still Slaying In Print Shorts

4. Scarves & Afros

3. Wooven Bags Rock

2. Camoflage Print

1. And then High Neck Trumpet Sleeves


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