This Digital Artist Andre J Is Creating Stunning Black Animated Faces Young Black Girls Need To Feast Their Eyes On

by Nana Tamakloe
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Most, 30 and above grew up adoring the extraordinary beautiful faces served by Walt Disney cartoon for years. From Beauty and The Beast to the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and more. At some point, it dawned upon all of us if we will ever get to see a beautiful African representation of these enchanted love stories, especially shortly after seeing Alladin and Pocahontas.

And although we were granted the wish to see an African representation, it seemed Walt Disney wanted to explore animals and a love story amongst animals before looking in the direction of African people. Yes, eventually Cinderella got a black make-over, but till today that gap was never filled.

And maybe it is a positive thing that gap was never filled. It might be an indication of the need for us to fill in the gap ourselves, a message indicating that we create our own love stories from our perspective, and our concept of beauty. Individually we might not all have the resources to pull such an act together, but once the ball gets rolling the demand will exist, and one talented individual spot on with making this a reality is none other than digital artist Andy. Going by the public name of Andy’s Art and @andrejdigitalart, the young cartoonist has managed to put up a great number of extraordinary enchanted African/black beauties on his Instagram page.

Beauty so captivating one can already visualize beautiful animated stories simply by looking at the images. We aren’t sure if there are any motion graphics to come from the artist yet, but that’s where the public comes in. The young man is already selling his art in hopes that he can further pursue his dream as a digital artist in the field of promoting black beauty. So head on to his Instagram and give what you can, and if you can’t make sure you share this article, hopefully, a motion editor might be able to bring his characters to life. Enjoy the talent below.

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