1. Plan Outfits the Night Before

I know we must have heard this severally, but the truth is it actually works! I would only love to add that instead of planning every night before, plan a week’s outfit; iron or steam all clothes, clean your shoes; and pack your handbags. For those with lots of jewellery, I would say set out those earrings, necklaces, watches for each selected outfit. And trust me, because you have everything set and prepared you would always find yourself on time, and well put together when you step out the door!

2. Try on New Looks

This point flows from the point above, it is not enough to pull out outfits for the week and hang them in a corner, I would say try them on too, especially your new looks.  Have you ever had a mental picture of an outfit that is sure to look great but when you try it on it does not look as envisioned?. Therefore, ensure to try them on, as this will give you more certainty about how it would appear and prevent any surprises in the morning.

3. Take Note of Outfits you Love

Keep track of outfits that are ‘Winners’ that is, looks that are great and can readily become your go-to outfits. This way without physically handpicking your clothes or even when you have to handpick them it is easier and faster for you to produce results. Another advantage of knowing your ‘Winners’ is that, they can come in handy for last-minute emergency days, such that the end results still look like you are well prepared and you put a lot of thought into the outfit.

4. Have an Organized Wardrobe

Want to take away that dreaded feeling of getting dress and having to plan outfits ahead of time, try ensuring you have an organized wardrobe. The results are self-evident, you get to select your outfits quickly and seamlessly, and in turn, you are less stressed out about getting dressed and always ready to take on your day.

5. Have Easy Outfits

On days where you find it difficult to put a lot of thought into pulling looks together or you have reached a deadlock on what to wear, ensure to have outfits that stand out on their own that do not need much work. Good examples are a dress or a jumpsuit that might only require you to add a bag and wear your shoes, and you are done!