TREND ALERT: Efya With Jay Ghartey In New York, Check Out What She Is Wearing



For our readers abroad who would like to know what is trending here, We have not been able to give much trend articles on The truth is when it comes to African fashion there are not really any trends. In fact all fashion shows usually feature ready-to-wear clothes already on the market as opposed to the collection to be released next season.


It’s really a matter of everyone and their individual style, although with our international scoop we will be bringing that to you in a very exciting light and you would be shocked to see how. Nevertheless, here is something that should be a trend. Not just in the African world but internationally.

After Efya’s sensational performance on the Glo X factor finale last week, singer Efya dashed off to Harlem, New York City to perform at the African Day Parade NY.

The African Day Parade took place on Sunday, September 22 and the showcase at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem had performances from Efya, Jay Ghartey and many others.


Are we looking at a shoulder bangled tank top? Efya was caught singing in New York with this lovely top on. One trait we love about her is she hardly lets the sun kiss her beautiful body without any African fashion on it, well except for that other day I saw her in a tight red dress and red platform shoes.

Anyways, I really do hope the creator of this dress has this style patented. This is an issue with Ghanaian fashion that was discussed at the Business Of Fashion Conference. Because I have technically never seen a bangle/shouldered dress before period, and who ever is the brainchild of this top could simply be a millionaire if two things happens, they patent this top, and they get it trending. So take this more like a possible trend alert and a patent warning.



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