VIDEO: Designer Bri Wireduah Breaks Down How Fashion Style Influencers Steal Clothes From Fashion Brands

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Ghana Interview 

Getting a new outfits is always a rush to anyone, the nostalgia is that of the same we felt as kids when we got new toys. Now just imagine getting them sent to your house and more over to show off in them, This is the lifestyle of a style influencer.

Within that, every style influencer with each and every designer’s relationship is different and there is no drawing line for all. For example a new style influencer will hardly receive clothes from a designer if they following is very little. Unless they are friends of the designer or maybe the designer benefits something from it.

In fact at time they will end up having to pay the designer, and at times if they do get clothes it would be on a borrow/lend basis for the images of which after it’s returned. But the more they grow in popularity, they can even get clothes for free in exchange for publisizng the brand to their followers.

And those with extreme popularity received clothes for free to push the brand to their followers. Again, it all depends on who you are, popular to one brand might not be popular to another, nor may your audience be of interest.

Well it was at this juncture was taught her lesson that at times offering your items simply in exchange for the publicity can lead you to being duped by style influencers. In a recent interview, ccording to the designer she had sent her clothes to ‘about’ 3 seperate style influencers that promised to rock her outfit and publish it, but then decided to scam her by holding onto the clothes and never putting it on.

She broke down the location of the style influencers which was UK but refused to name and shame them. Listen to the interview below and let her experience be a lesson for up coming brands to find a way to hold style influencers accountable for their agreements.

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