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Walking in town today, i realized that every female i passed by either had a big carryall bag or a side bag. It’s like its part of our everyday clothing. Personally i cant go out of the house without a bag(a big one as such), I have my mini makeup bag in there, my tablet and phone, a notebook, portable perfume, book, purse and a hand sanitizer.


And on Sundays i try to fit these things into my church clutch as well, even tho i love a side bag, its hard for me to go out with one because my necessities can’t fit in there.


I decided to do a survey and ask whats in other ladies bag too and this is how it went-


“I always carry an Umbrella, power bank, handkerchief to work”- Ellen (Izone Company)


“Money, makeup, phone charger, ear piece, power bank, phone, tissue, gum, sun glasses, hand cream, mirror, comb, spare slippers, purse”- Abigail (Student)


“YouTube notebook, pen, work phone, personal phone, portable essential bag(hand cream, Vaseline lip balm, tissue, hand wipes,nail file), book, sun glasses, purse, makeup bag and a magazine” – Shirley B Eniang (blogger/vlogger)


“Umbrella, Sanitary towel, pen, lipstick, hand cream and a purse” – Priscilla (MTN)



“My phone and my purse,that’s it!” I’m a small bag kind of person” – Deborah


“makeup, perfume, purse, phone, umbrella and charger” – Shika ( Check-in agent)


From the few people i asked, it looked liked a lot of women can’t go out without their Chargers, purse, makeup bag and umbrella.


You can comment bellow and tell us the things we can find in your everyday bag…



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