Why Men Like Dwayne Wade & Papoose Need To Learn How To Discipline Their Wives & What They Post

by Nana Tamakloe
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Our foreign American based readers are probably up to date on this, everyone else is looking at this from a fresh start and probably most over here are asking “Nah who be Dwayne Wa-de?”. So let’s give some history before continueing. Dwayne is the husband to Gabriel Union, the main star of the ‘Mary Jane’ show.

Recently, Gabriel Union took to instagram to post a beach babe picture of her with a nipple popping wet crop top, wet body, and swimwear undies almost the size of a thong. Jummy Butler thought it will be cool to compliment her in the manner she was presenting herself and commented ‘WELL DAMN!’

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Macho man Randy Savage then respon…..Oh sorry, we mean Dwayne Wade then replied “Put well damn in caps on my wife photo again and you’re gonna see what the good, the bad and the ugly is like,” This was all a week ago, so now we are up to date here is the truth below.

These men suffer from uncontrollable wives, if not this, they suffer from fear of losing their wives by sharing their opinions with them. if you do not like guys fancying your girl, then get her to dress like a nun. Or request her to keep her images off the internet. There are 1000s of insecurity aspects from such acts.

Such celebrities should understand their wives are attractive, and not only that but their wives have exploited this attractiveness due to their spot in the limelight. It is only common men will compliment them. They should take a page out of Will Smith’s book and should even be glorifying it. But no, Papoose almost got into serious beef and a known troll and dangerous man 50 cents by attacking a compliment he made on Remy Mas images very similar to Dwayne.

So why don’t these men have the guts to tell their women, “Hi, what you posted is very sexy, and men will admire that, since I don’t like their compliments, or I won’t want to lose you to someone who can break up our relationship from comments made on you wearing sexy clothes can you kindly not post such images?”

Instead their are sitting on their women’s timeline saying to themselves “I wish a brother wooouuuuld” and then threatening them after they do, how sad is that? It is nothing but a pure definition of insecurity and fear of your woman.

The real question here is why doesn’t the woman come back with the response if she is really down for you. Can’t she take responsibility of stirring something you don’t like. This mentality is that same as that of the men who wind up on Jerry Springer and run up fighting the man who their women slept with.

Surely these ladies are sitting somewhere in the back smirking and thinking funny of their spouse who angry at the comment but lacking enough scrotum to tell them what they really think, which is “B**** can you not post this sexy s*** again!”

Deal with what your woman wears in public. If that is the type of woman you want then expect such admiration. And if you have confidence or your woman and relationship is of substance then you should only adore such compliments.

If not discipline her, what she wears and how to present herself or do what Denzel Washington did and find someone who is not in the public eye and have your peace.

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