Zimbabwe Brings It’s Designers Back To The Runway Once Again For Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2016


Zimbabwe Fashion International is proud to announce that it has finally closed the gap and allowed Zimbabwe designers to have access to the market. This gap is being bridged by the launch of The Sp_ce, a unique and artistically themed showroom that has been created to celebrate and sell the best in Zimbabwe’s fashion, design and art.The introduction of The Sp_ce will mean that staple Zimbabwe Fashion Week four-day fashion showcase that has traditionally been held in August and September of every year will be postponed for 2016.


Whilst the traditional four day showcase has been postponed, Zimbabwe Fashion Week will continue its corporate social responsibility drive in empowering the youth who have a passion for fashion by equipping them with the necessary tools for success through its Young Designers Programme. The Young Designer Programme is a developmental project that was started in 2012 and takes 10 aspiring designers to be part of a month long workshop that focuses on theory and practical lessons from the best in the industry. Mr. Colin Ratisai, the YDP’s Director proudly states “The Young Designers Programme has empowered over 60 applicants and transformed dreams into reality for those who love fashion. I am excited to continue to mentor young aspirational fashion designers with the knowledge and skills that they need.”

The young designers who will be selected this year will be tasked with creating fashion that is in line with this year’s theme –Fashion Refashioned. This theme focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable ways to produce garments that are trendy and fashionable.

Selection for the Young Designer’s Programme will be announced during the course of this week through Zimbabwe Fashion Week’s social media pages.

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