“All Our Heritage And Cultures Are Being Taken Away From Us” David Tlale On African Fashion



South African fashion designer, David Tlale, is encouraging and congratulating fashion designers on the African continent stating that it was time to believe in Africa when speaking to journalists at a press briefing in the Harare hotel on Friday.


“We are in the process of undoing the brainwashed mentality that anything coming from Europe or China is right. Our journey is to say that anything that is made in Africa is right because no one does it like we do as Africans. We are the loudest. We know how to put colour together, put fashion together,” he said.

“You look at the trends today, internationally there is so much African influence on catwalks, be it Valentino or Versace. All our heritage and cultures are being taken away from us, made in Europe or China, brought back to us, but 10 times or 100 times more expensive.”


Tlale said it was high time to start believing that Africans could do it just like Europeans or Americans.

“Let us be patriotic and let’s love what young designers are doing. I am very excited about this collaboration because it is nurturing young designers and I am all about that,”.

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