Creating 13 Different Outfits With Only 2 White Button-down Shirts


One of the most important things for me in learning to “work my closet” has been to learn how to wear the pieces in my closet in multiple different ways.  Figuring out how to do that helps me get more use out of my closet without having to buy more clothes. Remixing a wardrobe staple can save you money and avoid impulse buying because you can wear same outfits in your wardrobe and not wasting money to buy new ones because you always have “nothing to wear”.

Being able to imagine a piece being worn four, five, or even ten different ways is mind-blowing and fun.

My first rule for recreating an outfit with the same top is to Empty your closet. Yes everything!  take absolutely everything out of your closet and lay it out on your bed. Taking everything out at once is the secret to style clarity. As you sort out the “can do” pieces, your style will practically scream at you.


Now scroll down to  see how you can create a capsule wardrobe-


With the same white shirt, you can create numerous outfits by using different types of skirts. Pencil, midi, skater, long skirts can totally change how one simple shirt looks like. These can be styles according to the occasion, that is for work, Friday day or night out, date, church, party etc

This beautiful stripped pencil skirt is totally work appropriate, remember to keep it minimal because you don’t want to look over-dressed and draw to much attention to yourself.








You can crush a party and stand out with this flamboyant maxi skirt styles with the same white shirt.



This look can take you to church and and after church get together.



Something I would wear for an outdoor meeting, the skirt, heels and the belt transforms the white shirt.



Your colleagues will not notice the same white shirt if you keep styling it up with different types of Ankara print skirts (pencil, skater,maxi)  for your print  Frida wear.



Rolling up your white shirt in different lengths can also change the look of the shirt.




The same white shirt has been transformed with this colorful blazer and pants. you can take this look to work if your work environment is not all about the 9-5 black and whitedress code.



Go with a monochromatic look with your basic white shirt.spice the look up with a pop of color if you do not want to look like an ange lol  or look washed out.



No tucking of the basic white shirt changes the appearance of an outfit . Pair it with some cutout jeans, pumps and you are good to for your book club.




A good ensemble for a business casual Friday. The black blazer gives your white shirt and teans a subtle professional look. Pair it with some attention screaming heels for the wow factor in your outfit.


The classic tattered look for an event. A checked shirt wrapped around a simple white shirt can totally transform the look of your simple white shirt. This look is playful and chic and a casual look for your weekend.


Pictures from stylepantry



  1. Oh nice tips, I will get some few wardrobe staples and try to re-mix it for a whole month and see if I can channel the fashionista in me.

  2. Oh why was I not filled on this awesome info earlier… I keep buying shirts all year long…I’m going to stick with the ones I own now and work around it.


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