Exclusive Pictures Of ‘ON GAMBIA’ Fashion Show With Tara Designs, Starfit & Phuzion


An amazing night and success at Gambia’s On Gambia show. The event featured one of our favourites from the smiling coast, Phuzion. As well as introduced Starfit and Tara designs. The models were splendid, the choreography was off the roof, and the designs topped the icing on the cake.



Gambian fashion has continued to grow, this might be because their tradition is still heavily embraced by the locals, designers are continuously in tuned with their market. With the recent Fashion Gambia Weekend, Gambia Fashion Week, and now On Gambia. There is a strong signs that Gambia is making a beautiful mark in the growth of African fashion.


The On Gambia Fashion Movement” is a one night Gambian fashion event that focuses on presenting seasonal collections, roughly every 4-5 months. The team works with up-and-coming and known Gambian designers with the intentions to work with international designers, and in an effort to get Gambia on the world wide fashion market as well as develop the modelling industry.


Pictures by Alhagie (State of the Mic)


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