’s Biggest Competitor And How We Are Battling Them

by Nana Tamakloe
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I just got off the phone to a friend and on the introduction he said something along the lines on “Heyyyy I see you are really going head to head with…..” and so forth, referring to another establishment in the fashion world. I laughed it off and ended it with “Ah you know me I don’t compete”.

However, it took me back to my UK model management days where there was another agency whom people always used to think we were going at each other. Not sure if it might have been what he said about me to others, who knows, but his agency also wasn’t the only one. Funny enough, relative to, my colleague wasn’t the first to assume this.

Then It hit me why. Everything I get into I put in my 200% best. Unfortunately this means those on the other side then have to either fear I am coming or work hard to play catch up if they are the competitive type. This colleague didn’t realise a few things about and our wide scope of competitors.

Since our launch I have seen online boutiques try to duplicate ours and it is far from finished, journalists trying to match the amount of articles we produce, even entertainment website in Ghana and outside trying to compete with our journalism, websites trying to put up a directory, some even copying and pasting it straight from our website, people trying to cover shows as fast as we do, more people entering the videoing sector or stepping theirs up, blogs that never profile models doing it all of a sudden, some companies even changing their whole website, even people in fields we are not in, such as designers and models acting shady because we are giving opportunities to their competitor, so you can imagine how many failing people are not excited about FashionGHANA. I have seen so many establishments upgrade, start, or change their ways in the wake of

But why compete? The truth is I have about 6 fashion organisations that have inspired and helped me set standards, and funny enough they are not based in Africa or Ghana where my said competitors are.

But in all honest truth my biggest competitor is myself. Everyday, every week, every month, I aim higher than I did before. A better magazine, better journalism, better videos, consistently improving the website, updating information in our directory, better insight and the list goes on. And it has totally nothing to do with anything around me.

Now there is no problem if you inspire people and they alter what they do to resemble you whether in bits or in whole. But it is bothersome when people assume you are competing with people you aren’t. My aim is to push African fashion, my only competitors are those promoting non African fashion, to push African fashion more than me can only make one an ally of mine in my world. is’s biggest competitor, we don’t step up our game because of somebody else. I wouldn’t respect myself if the only time I did better was fear of a competitor. It would also mean I do not respect our viewers neither. Just wanted to get this out the way for those who think I am competing with others, or them, or their friends, from past to present.

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