fGSTYLE: 11 Ways You Can Fabulously Style Your Trendy Pleated Skirts


One of the major fashion trends since 2016 is pleated skirts. Though tricky to style, there are however many ways you can wear a pleated skirt and look classic on it, either being knife pleat (the tiny, sharp pleats) or wide paneled ones.

Once you find the type that is best for you – whether it’s tiny pleats or larger ones, a midi, mini or maxi length, a bright color or something more classic – you can do a lot with it that will make you look fabulous and extremely fashionable.

So if you are looking for ways to wear your pleated skirt and not look like a grandma or have an aunty vibe, then check out this post. We have selected some pleated skirt outfits worn by fashion bloggers and Instagram models that can help you style your pleated skirts in fabulous ways.

Akosua Vee proved pleated skirts can go with anything as long as you style it right and we are loving this look

Thinking you cannot rock pleated skirts with your designed tees, well then am guessing this lifestyle blogger is proving you wrong. 

It can also be a perfect wear with your cold shoulders.

Chic Ama styled it fabulous with this top and we are all up for it. 

Pleated skirts also match with floral tops. Just know what colour to blend it with and you have an amazing look

Yes, plain tees also go perfectly well with pleated skirts.

Karen Kash totally nailed this one with her peplum top. In case you were wondering if peplum tops will be a fit, well there you have it.

Your cover ups can also be a good fit for pleated skirts. This pink ensemble by Thembi are a stunner and you can try it out too.

And fashion blogger, Karen also matched her pleated skirt with a crop top and she definitely slayed 

Maxi pleated skirts are also a perfect fit and you can style it beautifully with a flower top like fashion blogger, Ogechukwu did with hers.

If it makes you slay, get it in many colours. Akosua Vee obviously love pleated skirts so she tried it again in another colour, matching it with a tan top.






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