Online gambling gets more popular each year. The mobile gaming community in Norway is redefining the standards of trustworthy online casinos.


Nothing beats playing and winning from the comfort of your own home. You can bring the excitement of slots and table games right to your living room. A few taps will transport you to digital destinations like beste oddstips, where virtual play tables are open 24/7.


Visiting online casinos is fun and convenient. If you’ve got wifi, you’ve got a chance to win.


There are thousands of online casinos and video slots to choose from. You’ll have no problem uncovering plenty of play options. The challenge is choosing the right one.


Experts like Nina Olsendburg have spent years studying what makes or breaks the legitimacy of a casino and the enjoyment of its games. You can find Nina’s profile here.


Not all casinos are rated the same. Aside from entertainment and graphic design, cyber safety is a high priority in finding the right online casino. 


Stolen credit card information will definitely damper any gaming experience. To avoid scams, watch out for a few common red flags. These easy-to-spot indicators will help you determine legitimate online gambling sites.

Spam Marketing vs. Legitimate Promotions

Internet ads are hard to avoid these days. They’re littered across the web, even on legitimate online gambling sites. 


Don’t get fooled by illegal promotions and spam advertising. These are indicators of fraudulent sites that may be after your information. If you start receiving advertisements for online casinos, avoid following the link and delete the message right away 


Here are a few ways scammers might reach out to you:

  • text messages
  • phone calls
  • emails
  • pop-ups


Unauthorized messages containing links are known for carrying viruses that attack your software and steal your sensitive information. Your date of birth, payment information, passwords, and more could be at risk. You should never accept offers or click links from unauthorized senders, especially ones that promote online casinos. 


A safe online casino usually has a license and plenty of diverse reviews. Norway has strict gambling laws meant to protect its citizens. If you’re visiting a site that doesn’t abide by these rules, stop playing. 


Legitimate online gambling sites will only advertise through permissible means. Many reliable gambling sites have advertisements across their pages. This is an acceptable form of marketing, but receiving unapproved ads at a private address is internet spam. 


If you get an email invitation to an online gambling site from an unfamiliar sender, delete it. 

Beware of the Bonus

A sign-on bonus can sound appealing, but the motive is usually less than generous.


There are plenty of online gambling sites that want to lock innocent Norwegians into unreasonable terms and conditions. These scam sites are banking on the fact that you won’t read the user agreements.


Sometimes, clicking accept is harmless. In online gambling, it can be costly. 


Many of these bonuses involve making a minimum deposit to play. This could be anywhere between £5 and £5,000. Either way, it’s probably an attempt to up prices, taxes, or restrictions. 


Sometimes, online casinos lack cash flow, so they offer sign on promotions for large deposits.  They make you agree to terms around the bonus like a play minimum before cashout.


Once in a blue moon, this might work in your favour. However, it usually results in the casino winning back the bonus along with your deposit. 


Read the terms and conditions. The best online casinos will have minimum restrictions around cashouts and require a low initial cash deposit.

Payment Problems and Shady Software


When things don’t feel right, don’t move forward. If you’re being blasted with add-ons and extensions asking for permissions, leave the site. A website that requires you to download or install software to play their slots might be carrying malware and viruses.


It’s best to stay away from slots that have continual glitches or other issues. For instance, if you don’t receive your payouts, don’t continue playing. 


Don’t accept gift cards or unauthorized reimbursements for your prizes. In general, keep all personal information private. 


Online Casino Safety 


Always consider the safety, security, and legitimacy of the online casinos you choose. Play responsibly so you can win big. 


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