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A perfect engagement ring can make your big moment very special. You will feel overwhelmed with the choices available in the market. Several people find it easy to pick a diamond ring. While purchasing a diamond ring, you have to consider its cost, quality and beauty. Your engagement ring must become an expression of your style. Feel free to choose between vintage, classic or modern rings. You can elaborate on the beauty of a ring with side diamonds and special metal. It is your ring, so you are free to choose yellow or white gold, rose or platinum engagement rings.

Before buying a ring, you have to consider the personal style of your fiancée. If she has a distinct style, such as glamorous or laid back, you have to consider these details while selecting a ring. Here are some ideas to buy a perfect engagement ring.

Consider Four Cs

Four Cs mean carat, clarity, cut and colour of a diamond. These four factors are essential to judge the quality of diamonds. Colours range from colourless to strong yellow shades. A diamond with limited colours can exhibit more brilliance and fire. It can be an excellent choice for anyone who needs a diamond of higher value.

Cuts of diamonds are often mistaken as the shapes. The cuts instead denote the crafting style of a stone from its natural condition. It means how light reflects or passes through a stone. Another critical factor is clarity that can bring a difference between cost and value.

Clarity may range from flawless to nature. Only 1% of diamonds in the world are naturally faultless that means without visible marks or inclusions. A bright diamond turns out to be more expensive and valuable. Finally, you have to consider carat. The visual appearance of a ring can’t be ignored. The carat of gemstones or diamonds is a weight measure. One carat means 0.2 grams.

Shapes of Gemstones and Diamonds

The shape and cut of the diamond are indissolubly linked. A brilliant cut can increase the beauty of a gemstone or diamond. You can get your favourite stone in these shapes:

  • Round: These shapes are famous for engagement rings. To buy a round diamond, you have to pay attention to its cuts and beauty. If you want a classic ring, the round shape can be a good choice.

  • Square: A prince-cut is a great square shape. This shape is famous among fashion-forward and modern girls.

  • Cushion: Celebrities prefer this shape with fancy and big diamonds. This shape looks elegant with its rounded corners and large facets.

  • Emerald: If your fiancée needs something unique, you must try this shape. The shape is rectangular, but the width and length ratio may vary.

  • Marquise: Anyone who wants to maximise the carat weight should try this shape. With this shape, you can get a larger diamond.

  • Oval: Oval gemstones may vary in width and length. It is easy to notice the difference in this shape. A fashion-forward girl will surely like this shape.

Metals for Engagement Rings

You have to buy a complementing colour and metal after determining the style of your fiancée. If she likes silver-toned jewellery and cooler hues, you should prefer white gold or platinum. Rose gold or yellow gold can be great for fans of warmer tones.

Fusion of yellow gold and white gold metals is a smart move. She will like this mix because it can complement every piece of jewellery in her wardrobe. Moreover, if you want warmer metals, such as yellow gold, you can set the diamond in white gold or platinum. For gemstone or diamond setting, you can choose between channel, prong, bezel or pave.


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