How To Feel Fresh Throughout The Day

by Nana Tamakloe
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Who doesn’t want to maintain “The straight out of the shower” freshness for the whole day? But, your daily job, catching up with friends late at night and running from place to place in this polluted environment, can be a challenge. Using a custom perfume, maintaining personal hygiene, and keeping a check on your clothes are some secrets of all-day-long freshness.


Here are some ways to keep your body and mind fresh throughout the day.

  1. Get enough sleep

Seven to eight hours of sleep is vital for the proper functioning of your body. If you have to be up at 7 in the morning, then stop browsing through Instagram at night. Do not start a new episode of your favorite show on Netflix after midnight. If you adopt these small lifestyle changes, it will help to keep your mind fresh throughout the day. Keep in mind that even a physically and mentally strongest person can be negatively impacted due to lack of sleep.

  1. Don’t snooze your alarm

Five minutes of sleep that you get after snoozing your alarm might feel like the most peaceful sleep you ever had, but in reality, it makes your body more tired. One way to wake up instantly and stop procrastinating in your bed is by keeping your alarm clock a little away from your bed. And this will make sure that you have to get out of your bed to shut down the alarm. Remember, the more time you take in waking up, the more you are pushing your body to be lazy. Everyone knows the urge to check your Instagram just after waking up. Try not to use your phone when in bed. Check your messages during or after breakfast.

  1. Don’t miss breakfast

Usually, people don’t feel the urge to eat early in the morning. But you need food to give you energy at the start of the day. Try having a healthy breakfast which keeps you full throughout the day. After the whole night, your body needs fuel to start functioning, and breakfast is that fuel. You will feel the rush of energy after a hearty breakfast. Once you start having breakfast, you will notice how much more productive your day goes. Caffeine can help you give the kickstart that is needed by your mind and body. A cup of coffee after breakfast always works great

  1. Take showers

Shower daily. It not only cleanses your body but helps in reducing stress. Many believe that showering daily can damage your hair, but this certainly is not true. You can shampoo your hair every alternate day but simply rinsing them every day does wonder. For many people, it is hard to get rid of body odor. After every shower, it is better to use cologne and antiperspirant to avoid sweating.

  1. Wear fresh clothes every day

Everyone has that one perfect pair of jeans, which is comfortable, look fabulous and you love them. No matter how tempting it looks not to have to do laundry and wear the same clothes for a couple of days, do not do it. Wear fresh clothes every day, so you look nice and do not stink.

  1. Moisturizing is necessary

Before sleeping at night, apply lotion on your whole body. It will keep your skin fresh. Take a small and handy bottle of moisturizer with you wherever you go. It will help keep your skin hydrated. If you tend to sweat a lot, keep a packet of sanitary wipes with you. Remember to drink water, lots of water because you have to stay hydrated to remain fresh. Try to avoid carbs and foods that give you bad breath.

  1. Exercise regularly!

When you wake up in the morning and are half asleep, there is nothing better to do than exercise. Once you start working out in the morning, you will notice how much energized, and active you feel throughout the whole day. If you usually exercise in the evening, try moving your schedule a little bit and start exercising in the morning. Get fresh air, sitting inside will clog your brain and make you feel dull. Go outside for a walk or do your exercise in the park. You will feel much more positive, and your mind will freshen up. If you do not work out at all try 10 minutes of exercise or meditation daily, and the results will surely make you happy.


If you sit with your shoulders slouched or are always hunched, it is bound to give the impression that you are dull. Remember to sit straight with the correct posture. It will ensure that you do not have any back problems, and it will also make you feel confident. Keep your feet clean and washed and moisturize them regularly. Make sure that they do not smell bad. Do not always wear closed shoes; it doesn’t let your feet breathe. You mustn’t use perfume to get rid of the smell of your sweat. The result will be a disgusting blend of fragrance and the smell of sweat. Take a shower or use sanitary wipes to clean yourself first then use perfume. They emit rays which make your eyes tired very fast. Listen to some soft music to freshen up your mind. Talking to people is the best way to feel refreshed, laugh more often and talk to your friends. In a nutshell, you have to follow a proper routine to keep your body and mind fresh all day long.

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