MISH MEGA is a contemporary male and female fashion brand whose aim is to satisfy the taste and style of ‘the modern man and women who seeks a true taste of Africa’s richness in clothing’.

In 2005, the brand was founded by Mr Michael Mbonu who developed his passion for fashion design and cloth making after understudying and retailing in his father’s fabrics hub business. He grew from making wears for himself and friends until he launched into the world of fashion as a force to be reckoned with.

MISH MEGA today produces both male and female garments to suit customers fancy in wholesales and retails; the brand offers quality, affordability and uniqueness.

At the just ended Accra Fashion Week Chilly Rain 2018, MISH MEGA displayed a collection of garments marrying African culture with European styles, clean cut and uniqueness.

Check Out the video and more images below


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