Read About Afre Anko, The Expensive Ghanaian Fashion Brand For The Rich And Mature Ghanaian Women

by Nana Tamakloe
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Afre Anko might not be the fashion brand mentioned around every corner of the Ghanaian fashion industry, nor is the founder Naa seen much on the media, as a matter of fact, except for the main shows the brand actually avoids putting itself too much in the presence of the fashion world in Ghana.


So how do they make money if at all. Firstly the brand owns a whole floor in a complex building in Dzorwulu, with its own production team. Afre Anko works directly with one on one clientele relationships and for years now the fashion brand has built itself a long list of admirers that are capable of patronizing their very pricey outfits. And believe their outfits are very pricey. An Afre Anko dress could cost anything from 600cedis upwards. In fact her feathered dress as shown in the picture below goes for $1200, something not everyone can afford.

Afre Anko specializes in outfits using real kente, suit materials, and patch work, which is the process of joining very small squared pieces of fabrics professionally stitched together, all of which can not be obtained at low costs, hence the costs.

However despite costs, sales at the store is consistent and one will hardly find the same outfits hanging on the shelf over a week’s interval. Afre Anko has not only been making clothes to stock in their own store, but the brand regularly shipps to a number of European countries including UK.

Recently, Afre Anko took to launching it’s jewelry like, and just like their outfits, their logo is heavily engrace or hooked onto all jewelry items as seen above. One critique about the Ghanaian public is they are not ready to buy expensive African brands, however this is one fashion brand their is proving otherwise. See a few clients in their outfits below.

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