Senegal’s Nuul Kukk, The 1st Anti-Skin Whitening Cream Campaign


nuul kuuk

Skin whitening, bleaching, brightening or what ever it may be called in your home city, is one of the most parasitic fallacies of achieving beauty. Most of the promotional images used to support the products are either images of women who were already light skinned, or photo shopped images creating a light/dark skinned version of the same image. Because the truth is they do not work.

Skin bleaching is not simply a colour changing process, but a matter of destroying melanocytes. They create melanin which is good, protective and an advantage to your body in many ways. Bleaching opens your body to all sorts of viruses, leave lots of uneven patches, and also capable of burning your skin. They are banned from many countries in Europe, nevertheless, heavily sold in Asia and some African countries.

They may not be prominent in Ghana, thank God for the pride of Ghanaian women. However, in countries like Togo, Ivory Coast, and a few other francophone countroes, the promotion of these creams and their intended objectives are pasted high on many billboards despite a mild culture of locals tearing the adverts down at times or graffitiing all of them.

For the first time a public campaign has been raised against it, you may not have heard of it just as yet because its embedded in a francophone nation, Senegal. The campaign is called Nuul Kukk, and the slogan is ‘Black Is So Beautiful’. Whichever way, the campaign focuses on using images of successful beautiful African women and challenging government and businesses to rid these creams. They also advertise heavily on bilboards just as high as that of the bleach creams. Currently it has magnetted a lot of support over the years, and growing a lot more now that it has reached social network. Below is a link to a video than unfortunately can no be embedded here.


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