Ghana Look Books For those of you that are as old as I am, you might be thinking the frohawk is a thing of the past and we will all remember the time it was heavily coined by Whitney Houston in her video, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’.

Those of that who remember those days may be stuck in our aways of thinking the frohawk might be a thing of the past to it is one of the few looks that has reinvented itself so much it’s a natural part of everyday society that pops in here and there with no trend date.

Fashionistas are reinventing the look and wearing however fits best, from dying their frohawk blonde, to braided sides, to shaved sides and more. The beauty about the frohawk is it can actually be a haircut that is of a permanent look or a temporary style that is simply held up by braids or by tying your hair up. So incase you wish to give the frohawk a spin, see some inspiration below.

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14. Frohawk Hairdos

Side Pattern With Mohawk Buns

13. Frohawk Hairdos

Frohawk with shaved sides

12. Frohawk Hairdos

Frohawk with long curls

11. Frohawk Hairdos

Bun tail frohawk

10. Frohawk Hairdos

Long Curly Hair Frohawk

9. Frohawk Hairdos

Side Braided Frohawk

8. Frohawk Hairdos

Bun Frohawk

7. Frohawk Hairdos

Bun Frohawk

6. Frohawk Hairdos

Frizzy frohawk

5. Frohawk Hairdos

Plaited to the back frohawk

4. Frohawk Hairdos

Red Hair Frohawk with Side Braids

3. Frohawk Hairdos

Blond Frohawk

2. Frohawk Hairdos

Side Pattern With Curly Mohawk and Braids

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