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Founder of legendary hip hop group, No Limit and advisor to Nipsey Hussle just launched his new shoe line MoneYatti and if anything, this should be pumping fear in rival brands like Nike and Adidas. Master P made success in the music industry as raps first independent rap label to own all his masters, discovering wealth much earlier than most.

His business minded ethics, his belief, and understanding of the benefits of independence allowed him to surpass what any record deal could do for him. The enterprenuer went on to develop many other businesses from clothing lines, to food, to telephone lines, and more. And recently the launch of the high end quality leather shoes.

MoneYatti luxury sneakers are handcrafted in Italy with the finest premium leathers, high quality kicks worth spending your money on. Founded by Percy Miller AKA Master P himself, MoneYatti has earned street cred from the culture of sneaker heads, celebrities and pro-athletes with their futuristic sportiness, color collaborations, contrast pops on the heel and toebox, creating a high-demand for the luxurious athletic fashion driven consumer.

A shoe experience like none other, no more standing in line, delivering high-end footwear from Italy directly to your door. Master P comments, “MoneYattis are quickly rising to the top in the high-end designer footwear market with online shopping being the most convenient way consumers are purchasing our merchandise.”

A percentage of every MoneYatti sneaker sold goes to providing inner city kids in our communities with educational resources and programs to help build their futures. MoneYatti, logo goes best as the luxury brand that gives, which is a contrast to Jordans of which the brand owner invests his money in prisons.

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