Video: How Fashionable is the Afro, Mali Girl Inna Modja Sings Kinks In Her Hair

by Nana Tamakloe
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Inna Modja (Pictured above) drops a hot new video for her single ‘Kinks In My Hair’ (published below). Although the title emphasizes on her afro, it is a general song about pride and embracing yourself. Afro-Rocking has had a long history of up and down, but as some old people may know, it was once the envy of the world going as far back at the 60s and 70s. It was so fashionable if one looks back at many USA movies from these times you could even spot some non black American women trying to fluff their hair with curls. You know the head band, colour blocking, gum chewing, USA roll skating days.

However, with the contribution of foreign politics, economics, reduction of Blaxploitation movies, and in many cases the churches, the fashionable unique feature of African women eroded internationally, eventually making the purchasing of other people’s hair that we never met and scalp destroying, perming creams a multi million dollar industry.

But let’s talk fashion, these days it’s very casual to see African women rocking all kinds of hairstyles that are natural or African styled. More so, we are moving out of the days of fitting in, and into standing out. And Afros aren’t easy to find. I doubt this should even be coined as a growing fashion, it is not fashion to be natural it is natural to be natural. I think it should be rather characterised as a dieing fashion.

With the the impact of social media, magazines and TV are losing the tight grip of imposed fashion looks and trends, and this is definitely a contributing factor. Most importantly, weave is exhausted! Let’s face it, the common man these days doesn’t admire a woman for how expensive her weave is, in many cases we actually start to question the common sense of the lady that spends so much money on hair, harsh but true. Black, white, green, doesn’t the thought of wearing another human beings hair on your head freak you out? Just a little bit? No? Are we even sure its women’s hair you are buying?

I can’t complain to much, my lady wears weave to every now and then. Either way enjoy, Mali’s very own Inna Modja rocks with her new song Kinks in My Hair.

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