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When it comes to fashion in Ghana, there is no doubt a growing industry and a major change taking place, and one man who is helping people find their feet in the industry goes by the name of Richard Ohene Sika.

He did this by launching a fashion school which trains upto 60 students each 6 months how to sew to the standards of real professional designers. The intense course executes the primary factors of being a designer whilst eliminating all the time wasting aspects included in the standard 3 month course.

The school which goes by the name RIOHs (molded off the first letters of his own name) won both the FashionGHANA Honours & Awards 2018 & 2019 for best fashion school. THe school has launched some of the top brands in the Ghanaian fashion world and below he explains how he got it started.

Find out more at www.RIOHS.com


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