Where Is Online Slots Gaming Legal?

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Online gaming is a popular pastime for millions of people around the globe.  And the most popular form of online gaming is on slot machines.  Online slots gaming has become so popular that there are now hundreds of slot developers releasing new slot titles with great quality graphics and fast website almost every day.

Slot sites across the globe are now offering players millions of games to choose from. However, there are some countries around the world where people could face prosecution for playing on the slots.

Where can you legally play online slots?

The table below will give you a good idea of where you can legally play online slots around the world.

Africa Online gambling is not legal for the most part. However, you can play slots online in South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius.
Asia Slots online cannot be played in the majority of Asian countries with the exception of some areas in China including Hong Kong and Macau.
Australia Online slots gambling is legal in both Australia and New Zealand. But overseas slot sites are banned in NZ.
Europe Online slot gambling is legal in the majority of European countries with a few exceptions.
North America Online gambling including online slots are pretty much free to enjoy across North America. The US make up 70% of all online gambling. Although, Hawaii and Utah are two states where online gambling is banned.

Canada allows online gambling in some but not all regions.

South America Online slots are legal in some South American countries including Argentina, Panama, and Peru

It is rare for it to be explicitly illegal to use an online gambling site, but you should always use licensed and regulated online slots sites. If you are travelling and would like to play slots online, check the local laws on gambling.

Why aren’t online slots gaming legal in some countries?

There are fifteen countries around the world where slots gambling is illegal. These countries include:

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Cyprus
  • Lebanon
  • North Korea
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • Qatar

In the countries where it is not legal to play slots, gambling has been banned mainly for religious or moral reasons. Some cultures in countries around the world view gambling as a sin, other countries associate gambling with crime and disorder.

Has online slots gaming always been legal in the UK?

Playing slots online is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of gambling. Gambling has been legal in the UK since 1960 and the gambling industry has been regulated by the UK Gambling Commission since 2005.

As the online gambling industry has evolved in recent years, more and more slots sites have entered the UK market. All online slots gambling sites are licensed by the Gambling Commission who regulate them to ensure that the sites are all above board. Playing slots in the UK is some of the safest slots gambling you will find around the world.

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