Why There Black Models Shouldn’t Be Making A Big Deal From Participating In Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

by Nana Tamakloe
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A new list of black models set to participate in Victoria’s Secret show just came out, some of whose faces are on our cover pic, but we are not here to discuss that, we are taking another angle to it. From Jourdan Dunn to Naomi to Maria Borges there has always been so much drama around the participation of black models in the Victoria Secret shows. Now the most recent Nicholas Mayowa from Nigeria who cried when selected. It’s almost as if there was a very high threshold to jump to be selected for the show when in truth this is far from the case.


So let’s clarify, yes Victoria’s Secret is a very big show and very popular with stars singing the life out of their lungs and the models have every right to be happy when booked, but in all honesty, after analyzing the models, mainly the white ones that make the show, it’s not like there has been some consistency in top white fashion models hitting their runway.

In many cases there are short models, big models and even other models that obviously don’t have much of a career in the wider fashion industry. So why is it that the very top of black fashion models that have walked some of the biggest brands cry their hearts out to be put on the same platform with other white models who would never even achieve half of what they have outside the VS show. More over, why does society go bananas over ‘this black model made it to the show’ etc.

Once again there is no denying how big the event is, but you don’t see other nations excited their top models participate in a show where a good number of the models are fairly standard. Neither do their girls cry as if they have been accepted into the gates of heaven.

Please do not chastise me, I am not saying these girls shouldn’t be proud, nor am I saying they shouldn’t be happy they are getting paid to rock such a platform, but until they act their worth we won’t be treated as such. Why is it the top black model names and brands are only just being considered, whilst a whole lot of unknown (and in some cases not even fashion) white models have been walking the show, then we celebrate like we just achieved the biggest deal. It will be respectable if the European models were all of such standards, but they aren’t.

Black models need to realize that they are hot property right now, and that social media has revealed to the world what they mainstream tried to cover, and at this moment it’s not the mainstream world doing us favours by realizing they need to use black models to stay afloat. If you don’t believe just google who was the most popular model last year when Maria Borges participated, or when Naomi did, or when Alek Wek did. To some extent their participation was even the most popular headline in all cases. Stop crying when selected be you.

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