Being the Bride’s Best Friend: How to Make Yourself Useful

by Nana Tamakloe
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Being the best friend to the bride is such an exciting role – definitely the next best thing after being the bride yourself. When you are the bride’s best friend, you will probably be almost as excited as the couple are, since your close relationship with them means that you can share their happiness. To alleviate the stress of the bride and be the best friend you can possibly be, there are a couple of simple things you can do, which will show the great quality of your friendship.

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Wear Something Nice but Not Upstaging

When planning your outfit to your best friend’s wedding, you should wear something nice without being upstaging to the bride. It is always a bit awkward when somebody turns up to a wedding wearing something that is a little bit too similar to the bride’s dress, so this is a big no if you are her best friend. If the wedding is taking place in summer, this opens up more possibilities about what you can wear. Take a look at ideas far in advance, so that you don’t have to stress last minute and add more things to your plate. Here are some ideas for the perfect Summer Wedding Dress, all of which strike the perfect balance between being elegant and beautiful, without being too over the top and taking away attention from the bride herself.

Help Her with the Organization

The organization of a wedding is arguably the most stressful part, so if there is anything that you can take on during this time to take a bit of stress away from the bride, this would be greatly appreciated from her. For example, the venue, the entertainment, the transport and the food are all things to consider. If you know the bride really well and know what kind of thing she will like, why not ask her if she’d consider giving one of these responsibilities to you? If one person is focusing on one thing, it is likely that they could do a much better job of researching.

Writing Her a Thoughtful Card

Writing your friend a thoughtful card is such a nice thing to do to remind her of your friendship. In the midst of all the stress, sometimes a little reminder in the form of a card is the best thing you can do to show her that she is loved and supported. Seeing your best friend go through with the stressful wedding process can also make you feel immensely proud, so if you tell her that she is doing an amazing job and congratulate all of her hard work, this will give a great confidence boost.

In general, try your best to avoid doing things that will intensify the bride’s stress, and look to do things that will alleviate it. Even to be a comforting presence will work wonders – a little certainly goes a long way when you are in a position to show love and support.

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