ECOWAS Fashion Week 2013 Soon to Launch With Real Government Support


ecowasfwThis is more exciting than I can imagine. We recently got tipped off about what could possibly be Africa’s biggest fashion week, the ECOWAS Fashion Week! Which set to take place in October 2nd-5th, 2013 in Nigeria, Abuja. So we did our research and managed to get intouch with the main organizers who prefer to remain anonymous for the mean time, but were willing to answer a few questions.

We can certify that this event is legitimately supported by and includes the involvement of ECOWAS, and also backed up by L’Oreal Paris. Two banks are currently negotiating their role on sponsorship to back the event and also initiatives that can further designers careers post the fashion week.

From the discussion, the preparation of ECOWAS Fashion Week is already far ahead than any event over 6 months away should be. The show organizer spoke of super models set to be booked from in and out of Africa and listed a few designers from the West African region targeted to be flown in to exhibit, including 5 confirmed designers.

It is a fashion week set to bring West African culture onto one platform and will also open up spaces for designers from other parts of Africa and outside of Africa. The aim is to highlight African/inspired fabric designers of Africa using materials such as Ankara, Kente, Akwete with the purpose to create sales internationally. Over the phone he also mentioned names of a few buyers and representatives of chain stores that were confirmed to attend, looking out for talent.

One can never know how it will manifest until 3 to 4 months away from the show. But hopefully we should have an impressive line up and arrangement when the designer schedules, sponsors and buyers go public. Stay tuned to for updates.


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