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When it comes to print, you will only find our very own Yvonne Nelson in it once in a blue moon. Looking closely at her publicized images on the net, in the past year, the movie producer and actress has only been seen in African prints twice. However, that might not be due to a distaste in African print fashion, in fact Yvonne Nelson hardly, and possible to say never mixes colours. And is rarely seen doing so only when in casual jeans and top.

This doesn’t under estimate her appreciation of made in Ghana fashion as even a lot of her none print looks are fetched from Ghanaian brands. The celebrity fashion lifestyle is filled with wearing what is usually offered to them, and even in some cases what they are paid to wear.

Let’s face it, she still has the beautiful flare we all fell in love with when she started acting, she might not be the girl next door, but she’s definitely attractive, and although we are lovers of print, let’s take a moment to admire Yvonne Nelson love for mono-coloured dresses, as we say in Ghana, plain fabrics.

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